Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Do YOU Measure a Year?

I've been thinking a lot about pictures lately. I got these snappy new applications and I'm in love. It's gotten me even more in touch with my inner photographer [if that's possible]

So, call me crazy, but I'm starting another endeavor.

365 Days of photos.

Some of you may not be interested, some might, but really, I'm doing this for me :) Just to make myself smile.

I will be striving to take one picture a day for a year. Next November I'd like to look back at my journal[blog] and photos.

Here goes nothing folks! Thanks for your support and understanding :)

The beginning starts here <3


  1. your picture goal sounds like fun!!! :) that will be so neat to look back on later. hope your doing well girl! xoxo

  2. oh! I just saw this on another blog I read too! I was thinking of doing this! now i don't feel so crazy.. hahaha (Ryan said he dosn't see how I will be able to pick just ONE each day :)

  3. Hey lady, i'm adding you button to my blog, if thats okay?? I have a couple people who would LOVE your blog! :)