Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can I just say...

First Golden Globe nomination and WIN for Best Support Actor in a series, mini series or motion picture made for television. I don't know if I can express how much I absolutely love Glee, and I don't know if you were watching but the look on his face when he won was priceless.

But more importantly his acceptance speech was priceless;

"Most importantly, to all the amazing kids that watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates that are constantly told no by bullies in their school and they can't be who they are ... Well, screw that, kids."

All I have to say is, Amen.

I haven't had to deal with too much bullying in school, but one evening my sister had to deal briefly with it on her Facebook and let me tell you, not only was I heated, but my heart hurt at how awful kids are to other kids these days. I know it's nothing new that kids get bullied, but it seems to go deeper this day and age.

I'm just thankful he brought issue to light on national television.

On a much lighter note, because isn't it all about the dresses ;) 
My favorite of the night were:
[Olivia Wilde] - my favorite

[Eva Longoria]

[Dianna Agron]

Who had your vote for best dressed? Best acceptance speech? Favorite moments? 

ps-am I the only one that loves movie award shows? 


  1. I didn't watch cuz I didn't realize it was on until my mom started texting me and I was watching something else instead. But I was most excited to learn that Jim Parsons won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. We <3 The Big Bang Theory!

    Surprisingly I didn't deal with bullying in high school, although I felt like I was silently bullied. But that's another story. I'm glad Chris won this award; love him on Glee and the show itself :D

  2. no cable - :( so i missed it this year... i gotta watch the highlights online...

  3. His face was hilarious, but I was really happy for him! I was super bummed Steve Carrell didn't win best actor in a comedy/musical though! :( We also love awards shows - we had an Oscars party last year!