Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's Letters Inspired Tuesday

Today's Letters: Dear Husband, as much as I don't want to sometimes, going bowling with you is pretty fun. Not because of the awesome bar food, and definitely not the actual alley itself that smells like the 1970's, but when you get a strike everyone gives you a high five, I give you a kiss - get another Turkey for me, eh?  Dear Daylight's Saving Time(March 13), I don't think you could come fast enough. I left work today and it was still light out when I pulled into the parking lot, pretty amazing, just sayin. Dear Hanna's Aussie exchange student Krista, we will miss you HEAPS mate! You are just so stinkin sweet and I hope Hanna (and me!) get to visit you someday in Australia. Have a safe 16 hour flight home, and hug a koala for me! Dear love of my life, it leaves me absolutely tickled when someone asks me how long we've been married and I say six months. They nod and smile, but then I get to say, 'But we've been dating for six years' - ten points for putting up with my stinky feet, gasps in the car when I see a snow cone stand, and crying over everything for that long. Word.

What do you and/or your significant other do in your spare time? Are you on a bowling league? Do you play softball together? 
I have NO coordination what-so-ever, but I find it pretty important to still go and support the hubs.

Please see my inspiration for this post HERE :)

PS - Please see my other post, I have two this morning <3


  1. :) this made me smile.

  2. well i don't have a "other" just yet.. but when i do, i would like to think we will either A) watch too many movies. B) do stuff outside! or C) maybe do some sort of group workout, charity event, or something ridiculous lol. IDK or care really.. just as long as we are together :)


  3. I love this!! Sean and I love to four wheel, canoe, watch movies, go to dinner, and cuddle!

  4. omg i WANT to get ry and i involved in something like that.. but we have NO idea where to start! and don't you just love the look on peoples faces when you tell them how long you've been together? i kno so many people who's jaw drops because we have been together for so long! :)

  5. i just love these letters ♥ they are perfect. me and my second half like to play laser tag with friends haha...bowling is fun too. i really want to go roller skating with friends too...old times old times :) xoxo

  6. thanks for sighting your inspiration! love your letters! em

  7. HA! I totally get you on the bowling alley thing! My hubby is on a league and (due to work) we can only go every other week. But I actually like going there! I kinda enjoy the food and his aunt runs the place so we know a LOT of the people there. Plus we can let our oldest run around w/o worrying so much! But sadly, I SUCK at bowling. I think last time I got a 121-WITH bumpers. *sigh*