Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

56. Plastic tubs - Every year our life ends up in these things, stacks of them. I don't know what I would do without them. Our life in boxes, sounds like a song...

57. Plans the hubby makes - I just learned that he wants to take me to Seattle for Valentine's day to spend the night at a fancy-shmancy hotel and explore the city, my heart truly melted when he told me that - romantic first Valentine's day as a married couple - Check!

58. Harley kitty - As much as he can drive me bananas at night time when he starts going crazy and running up walls and getting into the bread, I love my fur baby so much and can't believe he's almost a year old! He used to be so tiny, no he's a chunk-a-munk!

59. Great organization/storage ideas from IHeartOrganizing - I made a pact to myself  in my previous post that when we move into the new house things are going to be different this time and I'm going to make sure that things are organized. I will be doing that with the help of this love lady! She has SO many great storage/organizing/CUTE ideas -I can't even take it! Pretty please, if you are even thinking about doing some organizing of your own, hop skip or jump over to her blog, you won't be sorry!
PS I really want to make this project from her blog - SO CUTE right?!

60. Venti black iced tea from Starbucks with one Splenda -mmmmmm it's like summer in a cup. I LOVE iced tea, it's the perfect way to get caffeine in the morning without drinking coffee and getting the jitters - Thank you Starbucks for making such a perfect blend of summer dreamin for me :)

What is everyone else thankful for this week?!
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  1. How FUN!! I love that storage idea, SO cute!

  2. your v-day sounds like it will be amazing! how sweet of him to plan it for you!

  3. I follow IHEARTORGANIZING too! (I could use all the help I can get!)

    What sweet Valentine's Day plans--enjoy!

  4. Isn't Jenn the freaking BEST?!?! Everything she writes/does is just soooo inspiring. I want to be just like her. LOL.

    Is Bryan going to surprise you with the hotel? That sounds like an awesome Valentines Day!

  5. definitly gonna check out the other blog... i NEED cute ideas for around here.. im going NUTSO