Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am whoever I say I am

Got the idea for this post from my fellow bloggee and highschool classmate Alysha from
The Tarr Pit - I loved it so much I wanted to do it too :)

I Am...happy today
I move already - that's right, I'm impatient!
I Have...a procrastination problem... the first step is admitting it!
I Wish...I lived closer to my Granny & Papa
I Hate...negative Nancys - and Normans for that matter
I Fear...the dark
I Hear...Frank Sinatra
I Search...for understanding, acceptance and comfortability
I Wonder...what my future kids look like
I Regret...that second cup of tea today...Might be a late night for me
I Love...sunsets
I Ache...when my loved ones ache
I Always...wear mascara
I Usually...make dinner - lucky husband :)
I Am Not...hand-eye coordinated
I my car most of the time
I Sing...loudly... sorry neighbors :)
I to be late
I Rarely...raise my voice in anger, but when I do it's because something's really hurting me
I Cry...everyday
I Am Not good a wife as I am a mother.
I mind when people are rude
I'm Confused...where in the heck did I put all of our storage tubs?!
I Need...start making lists for moving... oh mylanta Lord help me...
I Should...text my husband just to say I love him <3

Who are you?

PS - my dear friend Jaimie at Legos in my Pocket has a new feature she debuted today over in her neck of the woods featuring moi! I can't wait for next month's MFB [Monthly Featured Blogger] She's got a big heart and tells it like it is, my kinda gal, check her blog out!


  1. amanada i LOVE this! what a great idea! i hope you find your storage tubs! haha! also...i am so so very un-coordinated! i mean, its bad.

  2. Oh, I love this post! What a great idea!

  3. This is too cute!

    Good luck on your upcoming move-- we just went through it too!

  4. I saw that on there today and loved it... and I love yours! I may have to take it for tomorrow because I'm without a post currently (just a bunch of potentials that weren't quite up to par)! Loved reading your feature too!

  5. cute cute cute - i just may have to borrow this idea :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I sing SO loudly in our apartment and I just know our neighbors can hear me because I can hear everything the above neighbors do (and I do mean everything, sad face) and I can hear the neighbor to our right play the piano. Oh well! Sing on lady!!

  7. Awe MandaPanda How I love you so! <3
    Ps - i sooo might havta do this! it's Adorable!!