Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fill in the blank _______


The BEST thing about Sunday is: _________________

My list:
-Getting laundry done that's piled up all week
-Family dinners and game night
-Catching up on the DVR'd shows
-Being lazy in jammies all day

Mmmhmm, Sundays, you are good to me :) I will not think about the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I will just continue focusing on Sunday and all its glory :)

In your opinion, what's the BEST thing about Sundays? 


  1. I would agree that being lazy in pajamas is the best part of Sunday :) enjoy it!

  2. Resting and not committing to anything but family time! :)

  3. I loveee lounging around in my jammies and watching lots of reality TV :) OOO I awarded you with a stylish blogger award! Hope you will accept it! :D xx

  4. Not letting myself think about Mondays also! :) So relaxing.

  5. A little R&R seems to be winning :) Sounds perfect to me :)

  6. Well, Sundays ARE supposed to be the day of rest, after all. ;0) I also like relaxing and spending time with family. And church is always good too!