Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'll show you mine - if you show me yours

[Foreword: I was inspired by Sydney from The Daybook to write this blog, every girl keeps her life in her purse, right?]

For some time my younger sister, Hanna, has made fun of me and my purse. Poor purse, what did it ever do to her? All it ever did was hold all my most valuable and most used items and it's always been loyal, stays right by my side through thick and thin. In any case, this is me standing up for myself, and my purse. 

It all started after she saw this:

After that it has been referred to as Mary Poppin's bag - it never seems to end and I can keep pulling stuff out of it - which in all honesty is kind of true.

Exhibit B: These are all the things my purse holds...
1. 2011 planner with a mechanical pencil - plans change that's why God made erasers
2. The actual subject in question - one of my favorite purses :)
3. Wallet from Forever 21
4. Redbox movies - a staple in our house, we <3 movies
5. Tupperwear full of hair ties, bobby pins, Burts Bees chapstick, earrings...etc
6. Fruity and minty gum
7. Tampons and fine tip sharpie - you never know when Uncle Charlie is going to visit, or when you may need to write something permanently
8. Keys
9. Our wedding photo CD discs...I guess just in case? :)
10. Camera and USB cord
11. iFlip video camera from Mom - Christmas present
my make-up bag (seen below)

Other items I've been known to have in there as well are a fine tooth comb, bottle of aerosol hairspray, a water bottle, an apple and my phone charger cord. I guess I see a little validity in her assumptions. I'd rather look at it that I'm just well prepared.
While we're at it, i'm going to go ahead and introduce my handy dandy make-up bag as well, PS - I'm kind of a drugstore junkie
1. Life is Good bag from Morrobay, CA - it makes me happy every time I see it
2. Perfume - DKNY Joy [smells deLISH] I'm super sad my sample is almost gone, a bottle costs $80
3. Philosophy Instant Sunshine - bronzer
4. Coralista by Benefit - blush, my favorite :)
5.  Mini Pantine Pro-V hairspray
6. Purple loose eye shadow
7. Brushes
8. Volume Express mascara by Covergirl
9. Lineur eyeliner - blogged about here
10. random lipgloss - don't remember where I got it
11. Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer - for those stubborn things that won't hide with regular cover up
12. Urban Decay eye shadow in Chopper
13. Covergirl Fresh Complexion pocket powder - LOVE this
14. Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Fard Accent - inspiration from Rachel at Tunes & Spoons here

What make-up essentials can you not live without? Do you stalk drug/department stores for good deals on your favorite things? 

I'd love to know - What's in YOUR bag?!

Um, so the evening after I wrote this blog, my favorite shiny black purse went to purse heaven. RIP favorite faux alligator purse, you were good to be and held all my favorites. 
I went out yesterday and bought it's replacement, I was pleasantly surprised. I found this little one just waiting to be adopted. I hope it will bring me just as much joy and hold just as many secrets and surprises :)
Hello, sunshine purse! 


  1. oh my this purse is so so so cute...i loge it. RIP other purse...but i'm sorry to say a cute replacement has been found :)

    my goodness that is a lot of stuff inside that purse...i need to maybe talk about the things in my purse...haha i talked about my make up case one time.

    you have inspired me to have a small tupperware inside my purse to carry all my random small earrings. i always seem to loose those types of things :)

    cute post lady! love ya tons! xoxo

  2. haha your bag reminds me of mine. It hold wayy to much than it needs to...but it's mostly trash! I love your new purse!

  3. I like the new purse! And I like your organization! :)

    I just carry a diaper bag now and it has 2 diapers, a change of clothes, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, pacifiers, my wallet, a list of some sort, lip gloss, and my planner. ;)

  4. can i just say i love that you have a tuberware container to carry stuff in your purse :)
    Yours is way more organized than mine!

  5. You would have a stroke if you saw what's in my purse. I'm not even kidding...I don't even know what's in my purse right now, haha!
    I love how organized you are! And I love that you use a PENCIL for your planner...that is so simple, but so genius! Kent makes fun of my planner because it has arrows on events pointing from one day to the day it got moved to. Haha I literally have like six arrows in my planner already.

    Also, I love #11. That stuff works MAGIC! This sounds fun! I may have to do this!

  6. Cute new purse! And such a fun post - I was thinking of doing one of these as well - have been seeing them a lot and they are so much fun!

    Have a great day - sweet friend!

    Hugs xxx

  7. Hey Amanda! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours- super cute! Your purse is really organized...if I dumped mine it would be gum wrappers and junk galore!

    Your new purse is uber cute, but I will hold my own moment of silence for the faux alligator purse because it was also uber cute...;-)

    Have a fantastic Friday!

  8. are SO cute! :) fun purse tour!

  9. Cute post Amanda! I love reading this blog since you left the wedding blog world :) Your new purse is so pretty! The colour is perfect for summer. I carry so much stuff in my purse as well, everything from granola bars to reusable shopping bags (since the town I live in banned one time use shopping bags!). I'm going to Seattle on a shopping trip in March with my sister and a friend and one of the top things on my list is a new purse!

    Keep up with the awesome posts!


  10. oh my goodness!! i loove mary poppins!!! she's my favvvee!! and wow girl, i could never fit that much in my little satchel purse hehe maybe ill blog about this next :)

    p.s. thanks for your comment. i absolutely love your blog and i can't wait to read more :)