Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday - to the woman who gave me life

Wait a minute - hold the phone...

I forgot something extremely important while we were planning and leaving for California-

My mom's birthday! ♥

[I know you love my hair - don't lie]

I read this somewhere once and saved it because it touched me so much. It explains my mom to a tee - and is the kind of mother that I hope to be. I'm not going to quote the entire thing, but I've picked out my favorites :)

Being a mom means:
-Every day you will smile...even if you feel like crying.
-During certain circumstances, you can feel every human emotion in the matter of a single hour.
-A part of your heart will always be right there for the whole world to see.
-Sometimes only you will be able to tell what your toddler is saying.
-You will load up your car and drive to Taco Time because your 2 year old wants a burrito and you know that she will eat the whole thing so you're OK with it.
-You will crave kissing soft baby skin and smelling sweet baby hair always.
-You will worry about the teenage years.
-You will wipe the slides at the park with your sleeve so that your kids will have dry bums after going down them.
-You will always have a job.
-"I love you, mommy!" will sound good any time of day...even at 3am.
-Nights out with just your husband will always be fun, but Saturday mornings with the whole family together will always be the best!
-Painting your daughter's toenails and letting her put blush on will always warm your heart! (And, inevitably, make you think of her high school prom...and wedding day...)
-Sometimes you're the one that needs the time out.
-Your baby boy will steal your breath away with how handsome he is!
-Sometimes you just need a nap, too.
-Coffee will be your friend if you can't take a nap!
-You will learn something new every day.
-You will fore-go a shower just to watch an early morning episode of
Sesame Street while eating dry Cheerios from a cup for breakfast.
-Someone will always need something the minute you sit down to eat a meal.
-The food on your plate will always look better to your kids than the food on their plate...even if it's the same food.
-The sound of your baby's laughter will always be music to your ears.
-You will thank God daily for the blessings that are your children.
-Your love will grow deeper every single day until, sometimes, you feel as though your heart may burst!
-You will thank your own mom for all she taught you! (And you'll call her frequently for even more advice!)

Obviously I'm not a mom yet -but I can only hope to be just like mine. She is the most genuine, caring, loving, protective person I've ever met. Of course we had our differences at times, mostly because of my stuborness, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I still kiss and cuddle with my mom, talk to her almost every morning on my way to work, and talk to her about all of my secrets.

I love you Mom, with all my heart, all my soul, and more than anything in the whole world, you are my sunshine :)

[My favorite picture of you]

[Your favorite picture of me]
[My favorite of us]

I love you mommy ♥


  1. awwwwww Amanda you are too sweet :) love this post and you're mommy seems like a super fantastic mom :) Your mom is gorgeous. Happy birthday Amanda's mom!

    <3 Ash

  2. this is a beautiful post :) I love when I find people who appreciate amazing moms :). So happy birthday to your mom! she is lucky to have such an amazing daughter!


  3. You are just the best Amanda! I can't believe how close you are to your wonderful mom. Here, I thought Amy and I were close! Keep writing girl, you are fantastic at it!


  4. Thank you so much ladies, my mom is truly an incredible woman! I love her so much!