Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens after not grocery shopping for about a month....
Mind you I'm just shopping for the two of us, that's a LOT of food - our fridge was BARE!
I call it the shopping cart of shame...

Goodmorning friends :)
I will be sharing my 2011 Bucket List later on this afternoon, not going to lie - some are a little embarrassing, but this is the year of no regrets and no looking back!


  1. ohhh Bucketlist bucketlist bucketlist!!! I LOVE bucketlists!! :)

  2. Good for you and your bucket list! :) And my cart looks the same every two weeks! Enjoy your baby-free grocery shopping days while you have 'em!

    (And thanks for your sweet, sweet comment yesterday. :))

  3. :) our cart gets to looking like that too ♥ and i can't wait to see your bucket list...i love bucket lists!


  4. Our shopping cart looks like that every week! Yep, one could say that we eat too much...or buy too much junk...probably both.

  5. hahahah! thats hilarious! the shopping cart of shame! my cart looks even worse than that too... my only consolation is that most of it is fresh veggies and meats... (well since 2011 came around anyway) haha!

  6. loveeeee the shopping cart.
    seeing the cheez-it box makes me hungry!!!

    I am excited to see your bucket list...woo hoo!

  7. lol, um, mine looks like that every other week? lol. and there is only 2 of us. is there something wrong with this picture? i think so!

    <3 ash