Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Dreaming of sunshine, sandy beaches, and tropical drinks melting in our hands...

[Honeymoon in Mexico July 2010]

PS - On a much heavier note, I just wanted to take a minute and reach out my hand and heart to everyone that is grieving the loss of a dear friend today in Wasco California, including my mom and Aunt Lizzie. I love you and wish I could be there for you today. Life is too short, I don't want the moment to pass by without me saying I love and appreciate you both, and am thankful to have my life touched by you two dynamite sisters


  1. Wonderful pictures of Mexico, love it! And keeping those in pain in my prayers today.

  2. This post is making me want winter gone even more!! What beautiful pics of the beach!! I am also keeping your mom and aunt, and everyone else that is grieving in my prayers!

  3. That's where we went on our honeymoon too! Those pictures are amazing!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! It's making me want summer!!! By the way, I added you on my "my favorite blogs" page! I hope that's okay :)